My dream of becoming a Pharmacist is coming true

We hope you enjoy this story from one of our newest Vocational School Scholarship (VSS) recipients:

My name is Drolma and I come from Qinghai Province. I’m nineteen this year and now a vocational school student majoring in pharmacy with another 10 girls from the Captivating Vocational Scholarship School Program. I have been out of school for four years, so I both excited about this chance but also nervous whether I am good enough to keep up after such a long break. 

I come from a poor family in a pastoral area. But, we didn’t have any cattle or sheep to support ourselves. I have a brother and sister who are very young. My father can only work odd job. My mother often told me that they don’t have the ability to send me to school because both she and my father are illiterate and unable to make enough money to afford the education costs. My mother has leg problems and cannot walk on her own.

Drolma [right] with one of her friends who is also part of the VSS program

I would feel deeply discouraged when I would see students of my same age going to school and working towards their goals – then scold myself for being so selfish. However, I always had a dream since I was young to become a doctor. Helping people who are sick, especially those who cannot afford to go to a hospital, is my lifetime dream. 

With society continually progressing, prices are also rising fast. Facing the rising price, and the income of my family still remained the same. This was like icing on the snow to me – my schooling dream had all but faded.

BUT, that all changed when I met with Shamtse Charity (Captivating’s on the ground partner). I could hardly hold back the tears when I was told my dream of becoming a Pharmacist was going to come true. When the teacher handed me the funding, my heart was surging and I cried because I thought how could I be a student? I thought it was my honor that at that moment, let my hard-working heart get the moistening of love from everyone. Whoever you are, I’m grateful for all of you have done. When I encounter difficulties and setbacks, as long as I think of your support and encouragement to me in the distance, I will overcome difficulties and go forward bravely.

I truly believe – people cannot be excellent enough, not smart enough, but not strong enough. Only by learning to be grateful, people will have a kind and gentle heart.

Our continual thanks to the team at ZURU for their amazing sponsorship of 50% of the entire VSS program. We still need to engage individual sponsors of new girls starting the program this year. US$40 a month for a 3 year commitment is all it takes to make another girls dreams come true. Check out our GIRL SPONSORSHIP section for more details.

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